Despite Efforts

Despite businesses’ efforts to protect themselves, the frequency and gravity of data theft are increasing around the globe. PCIA can provide both first and third-party coverage for most risks with a wide range of cyber liability exposures. We can deliver customized policies that will respond to the unique needs of your business from A-rated carriers backed by top global reinsurers.

Financial Protection

We have partnered with pioneers in Cyber Insurance, companies that innovate to make this coverage easy to understand and bring clarity to what this product insures against. Our Cyber Programs can help deliver financial protection and coverage for a wide range of cyber incidents that impact businesses today, like network intrusions, email scams, ransomware, cybercrime, social engineering, and more.

State of the Art Systems Powered by A.I.

Our Cyber carrier partners offer state of the art systems powered by artificial intelligence, data, and risk rating factors, allowing us to provide your company with a cyber policy that is tailored to the unique exposures of your organization. 

Cyber Coverage

When you procure Cyber coverage from PCIA, you will have the options to manage your insurance online and be able to view your risk assessment while comparing to peers, quote review & customization, attest to company info, sign pay & activate policy documents, and obtain your certificate of insurance.

We help pinpoint risk rating factors

We help pinpoint risk rating factors that will continuously identify and rate your organization’s risk exposures using inside-out & outside-in data sources answering questions such as:

  • Is my business as secure as my industry peers?
  • Where does my company face the greatest cyber risk exposure?
  • Is my business exposed to data or account credentials posted on the dark web?

Based on these rating factors, our carrier partners can guide your organization to reduce its risk exposure and maintain data security and privacy. One of our markets processes your rating factors using external data, firmographics, claims data, dark web intelligence, and more. PCIA can provide a refined assessment of your cyber risks with the use of partner tools, deliver additional insights, and answer any questions.

Industries that can qualify for protection include:

Accounting Firms
Law Firms
Medical & Dental Offices
Nonprofit Organizations
Financial Firms

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